Westgate SuperBook Sportsbook Review


Known as the “World’s Largest Sportsbook,” the Westgate SuperBook opened in 1986 at the Las Vegas Hilton. The location has become the sports betting hub in Las Vegas and is almost synonymous with legal sports betting in the US. This bookmaker offers a wide range of sports betting options, including virtual and live in-play betting markets. In addition to standard game outcome wagers, it also offers wagers on game props, such as the number of touchdowns a team will score in the fourth quarter.

The SuperBook’s mobile app provides players with a comprehensive list of leagues, games, and props. It’s a clean, easy-to-use interface that allows players to access odds and statistics for the games they’re betting on, as well as live odds on the props they’re wagering on. Users can also make electronic bank transfers to withdraw their winnings or use the Play+ prepaid card.

The Westgate SuperBook is located in a 30,000-square-foot building that features a full bar, private viewing areas, and an enormous 220-foot-long 4K video wall. The sportsbook is also home to the biggest wagering menu in Vegas. Players can place bets on games across the NFL, college football, baseball, and basketball.

SuperBook is known for offering sharp lines, with betting options ranging from 12 to 17 cents on NFL games. SuperBook’s odds have been quoted in major media outlets, including ESPN. SuperBook is also well known for its player futures and props. These props cover a wide variety of stats, from total QB passing yards to whether a particular player will score the final touchdown of the game.

The SuperBook’s mobile app has a great reputation for offering more player props than other sportsbooks. Players can choose from over 140 props for the game they’re wagering on. The odds on each of these props are displayed with live scores for each in-play event. SuperBook also offers multiple events in its mobile app, even on days when the Vegas book isn’t the most popular.

Those looking for a sportsbook with an edge can opt for the SuperContest Gold, which offers a prize pool of over $1.5 million. Players who enter the contest pay $1,500 for a shot at winning a share of the prize pool. However, this is significantly more expensive than the standard SuperContest. In addition to a larger prize pool, participants can participate in a winner-take-all format.

While the Westgate SuperBook isn’t the only bookmaker in Las Vegas, it’s still considered the biggest and most recognizable. In addition to its extensive sports betting menu, it also offers a mobile app and virtual field displays. With a seating capacity of 350, the Westgate SuperBook is also one of the largest sportsbooks in the world.

SuperBook is also the go-to odds source for mainstream news outlets. They are a well-respected name in the sports betting industry and have a sterling reputation for customer service. In addition to their online and mobile services, SuperBook also provides risk management services and oddsmaking expertise.